NEW/OLD Kuching: 

An Augmented History Showcase

‘New Old Kuching’ was an interactive exhibition that fuses arts and technology; nostalgia and discovery; old and new – in narrating Kuching’s past and history in a seemingly normal exhibition. Visitors could scan the photos of present-day Kuching with their phones and get a digital overlay of a historical scene of that same spot where it was taken (a rephotographic AR). Each visitor had the chance to speculate, interpret and narrate the history themselves.

8 - 23 October 2022

Garden Box, LG, Plaza Merdeka Kuching


The Anarchi

The Anarchi was meant to be a semi-fictional movement, disguised as an anonymous Architecural Workshop delegate. Following the credo TRUTH IS A MACHINE (which is an anagram for UTM IS THE ANARCHI), The Anarchi is ironically neither real nor fiction <..MORE>

Although, the cause which is expressed in a covenant and signed by all 19 heads of delegates during the closing ceremony, is as real as it gets.


We, the future Architects, declare to abide by these principles:

ONE MUST realize their powers and rights and utilize them to the fullest;

ONE MUST never bow down to the oppression of the righteous greats and fallacies they propagate;

ONE MUST seek to explore new methods whilst anchored to the forefathers' teachings;

ONE MUST understand, appreciate and embrace their identities in the truest form;

ONE MUST believe that it is their duty to compensate for the losses of nature due to their hands;

ONE MUST know their works are the society's thus has the responsibility to provide.



'Central UNIMAS Building for Educators' (The CUBE) 2018 - 

"The full name is a direct reflection of what the building is - a centralized office building for educators in UNIMAS. The acronym was from UNIMAS VC himself. "

'Kami Mereka' UTMKL Architecture Portfolio Review 2007

"The idea of 'Kami' (Us/ We) and 'Mereka' (Them) reinforces the sense of 'othering', but it can be seen in a positive light as it also means 'We Design' for 'Us and Them'. DESIGN in this sense is a unifying factor."

'[Pause] [Rewind]' UTMKL Architecture Portfolio Review 2007

"One has to take a stop once in a while just to reflect the journey which has been travelled."

'RETROSPECTIVE' UTMKL Architecture Portfolio Review 2006

"It is about looking back in retrospect what students have gone through to finally get there."

'FABulous Night' Majlis Makan Malam Fakulti Alam Bina (FAB) UTM 2011

"A play on word from FAB into FABulous is just something that had to be done."