Semarak Semangat SUKMA

The song was written in conjunction with the SUKMA Sarawak Songwriting Competition 2023

This song was created with a simple melody and the increasing 'key progression' reflects increasing spirit. The lyrical theme revolves around a call for all to rise up and compete in a sporting event that celebrates diversity. The word 'SUKMA' is incorporated to also describes the heart and intuition of an athlete, at the same time referring to the name of the sports event. The 'J-rock' genre with orchestral nuances was chosen as it sounds strangely 'hopeful'.

Sarawak Maju Makmur

The song was created for a songwriting competition in conjunction with the celebration of 60 Years of Sarawak Independence (Sarawak Day) organized by Majlis Seni Sarawak (MSS)

This song was created with a simple melodic progression that is easy to follow, listen to and remember. The vocabulary in the chosen lyrics is also light, from the point of view of a citizen who calls for the prosperity and progress of Sarawak. The '80's electro pop' genre was chosen to give a sense of nostalgia with an uplifting beat. Musical quotation from the song 'ibu Pertiwiku' is inserted as a homage to Sarawak's anthem.

Singer: Anding Indrawani


The name 'Tempohari' (Malay: 'upon a time ago' or 'tempo of the day') has a melancholic/ nostalgic feel to it. This bedroom lo-fi indie folk music project is an on-going amateur creative journey. The musical style of Tempohari is soft, melodic and lyrically-driven.