Sarawak Maju Makmur

The song was created for a songwriting competition in conjunction with the celebration of 60 Years of Sarawak Independence (Sarawak Day) organized by Majlis Seni Sarawak (MSS)

This song was created with a simple melodic progression that is easy to follow, listen to and remember. The vocabulary in the chosen lyrics is also light, from the point of view of a citizen who calls for the prosperity and progress of Sarawak. The '80's electro pop' genre was chosen to give a sense of nostalgia with an uplifting beat. Musical quotation from the song 'ibu Pertiwiku' is inserted as a homage to Sarawak's anthem.

Singer: Anding Indrawani


The name 'Tempohari' (Malay: 'upon a time ago' or 'tempo of the day') has a melancholic/ nostalgic feel to it. This bedroom lo-fi indie folk music project is an on-going amateur creative journey. The musical style of Tempohari is soft, melodic and lyrically-driven.